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It has been ages since I last played around with my home page. It is therefore long overdue with this update. The update is not complete but at least I am looking into it.


What is Its a private owned homepage which originally was ment as the launch of a 3d graphical business. However time have changed and the business never lauched. But the name stuck to me like glue on paper. This has therefore been my prefered name interms of homepage and emailing system. I have since added my family to the emailing system making it our family name online.


Since the first launch of the homepages things have changed every two or three years as a result that something had to be done. This is where we are now. Something need to be done. These pages will therefore be used for private use only - where my family and I can express what ever we may want to share with the world in general.


Pages are for the time being kept in english. This is due to two reasons, first English is my prefered language for writing and secondly we have friends living USA, China and Taiwan R.O.C that might be dropping by from time to time. With time I am hoping we can get the pages updated in chinese and danish but that is just one of the "tasks" ahead.


thanks for dropping by - our corner of the web!


Johnny Dickov Fagerberg

November 2009
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